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Plug’n Trade is a multi-product trading system with direct access to the main markets in Europe, USA and Latin America, capable of managing smart orders and integrating with Excel in real-time and high-performance price distribution.


Plug’n Trade has been operating in a European Tier 1 bank for more than ten years.

Supported markets

Plug’n Trade supports natively the following markets:

System Functionality

Plug’n Trade is a multi-asset trading platform that offers connection to the main European and American exchanges, offering functionalities of Market Making, B2C, pretrading filters and compatibility with MiFID II

Plug’n Trade is designed to offer all native orders of compatible markets and orders synthesized by the platform itself, manage RFQs, cared orders, B2C and Market Making activity. You can also configure filters for automatic listing stop and sanity check of the prices created. In addition, market alerts and incident messages are supported.

Due to its modular design, Plug’n Trade adapts easily as needed: trading, quoting, pre-trading risk control and high volume price distribution. These are just a few of the Plug’n Trade’s uses at the moment.

Another example of its flexibility is the ability to outsource to third parties in the markets it has connectivity with, connect it through FIX to a third system or to external front-end systems as the following: Reuters, Bloomberg EMSX, Visual Chart and CQG.

To ensure security, position controls and risk control algorithms can be set. It is also possible to configure permission levels and filters, both in broadcast and trading. It is possible to allow market disconnections and the closing of open orders after disconnection. The native auditing tools allow you to check the history of operations and actions performed, as well as messaging exchanged with the market.

Plug’n Trade is scalable and cross-platform, it can be easily implement and enhanced on both Linux and Windows or Solaris-based systems.

User terminal

The user’s terminal adapts to the needs of each trader, being possible to set the price display, the orders’ repetition, the operations blotter, shortcuts, customizing alerts and colors among others.

Other functionalities of the user terminal are the possibility to perform real-time queries, manage contract states, make massive cancellations of orders and import data to spreadsheets.

In addition, pre-configured desktops adapted to different roles of each role can be managed within teams using Plug’n Clear.

New functionalities Roadmap

Plug’n Trade is constantly evolving, improving the performance and adding new functionalities for the trading system. Easing the compliance with, together with commissions’ calculation, implementation of access controls to market data to monitor and optimize its use, or implement an API to improve the connectivity with external systems and with new markets are some of the changes we intend to make.

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