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Plug’n Clear is a middle office system to perform Clearing of exchange traded derivatives in the main European and American Clearing Houses, easily integrated with Back Office systems and Central System of Risk-Measurement and Position Calculation.


Plug’n Clear has been used in production for more than ten years by a European Tier 1 bank. It also offers support for multiple cameras.

Support for multiple cameras

System Functionality

Plug’n Clear is designed to manage operations in CCP, both in GCM as in a NCM role, ensuring to provide outsourcing services to NCMs. The system allows to manage give ins and give ups, including a motor for the automatic treatment of those, as well as breakdowns and assignments.

The platform allows to manage position filters and post-trading risk-measurement filters, easing the connection with external systems of risk and position holding.

It integrates easily with the back office systems, as well as maintaining a communication with the risk management system for the position holding and calculation of guarantees.

Plug’n Clear keeps also all the information required to perform the EMIR regulatory reporting. The information of UTI, LEI, Customer UTI creation, UPI and Transaction time is also saved among others.

User terminal

The Plug’n Clear user terminal is an advanced tool to facilitate the work of the bank’s Middle Office user that automatically displays all trades for the GCM and NCMs in real-time in the system. It also allows you to easily see the status of each exchange and displays notifications when there are changes.

One of the Plug’n Clear integration capabilities is to display the exports to back office systems and the assigned ticket number from the terminal. All the information can be quickly exported to Excel, PDF or HTML, being even integrated with Excel which allows you to copy & paste it when executing breakdowns or setting assignment instructions.

In addition, pre-configured desktops adapted to different roles of each role can be managed in those devices using Plug’n Clear.

New functionalities roadmap

Plug’n Clear is being currently adapted to offer compatibility with MiFID2 / MiFIR and to improve its integration with other back office systems available in the market (GMI and Calypso).

One of the new functionalities that will be implemented is to incorporate the management of position transfer and exercise options, automatic calculation of commissions and position controls, which will allow to control the acceptance of the give in, as well as any alarms if exceeding limits.

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