New Satori by Comunytek

Satori by Comunytek

New Satori by Comunytek

We are pleased to introduce Satori by Comunytek, a new product that completes our solutions catalog.


The obligation for clearing in a clearing house and requirements on bilateral exchange of guarantees (EMIR, DFA); together with new regulatory requirements implemented by MiFID II and Basilea 3 are changing the derivatives markets scenario.

Satori by Comunytek is a tool aiming at providing solutions to a significant part of these new obligations, as well as helping to answer business queries arising of this new regulation.


Satori by Comunytek, will allow you to carry out the valuations of your IRS portfolio, calculate the required guarantees, calculate the required capital, evaluate on which CCP it is better to settle the transaction … and from a Risk and Regulation point of view, will allow you to apply filters Pre-trading and post-trading, as well as execute Stress Test of the positions in camera to fulfill the obligations imposed by EMIR, MIFID II and DFA.

“Functionalities by Satori by Comunytek position it as the best cost-effective solution in the market.”



Products and Portfolios:

  • OTC derivatives based on house interest rates SwapClear and BME Clearing. CME Clearing, Eurex for OTC Derivatives and ETDs and Bilateral Guarantees will soon be incorporated.
  • Direct Clearing and Client Clearing.


Margins (VM and IM):

  • Replicates clearing houses own methods.
  • Validation using the Bank´s own Curves.


Stress Test:

  • Historical and hypothetical scenarios.
  • Compliance with MiFID II, CCR 302 and DFA 23609.



  • ATPs Calculation. CEM, SA-CCR Method.
  • Leverage Ratio.
  • Default Fund Capitalization.
  • Capital Cost and Costs forecast over time.



  • Virtual Portfolios.
  • Cost Analysis: Bilateral vs Cleared.
  • @Spot, @Future.



Satori by Comunytek supports every product cleared in the main market clearing houses: LCH.Clearnet-segment SwapClear, segment IRS by BME Clearing and by CME Clearing. Satori by Comunytek is a multi-currency application



Satori by Comunytek is based on the overlapping of different calculation engines; products and portfolios modelling, products assessment, replicates clearing houses guarantees and regulatory capital calculation.



The development roadmap continues with the incorporation of CME Clearing and Eurex for OTC derivatives and ETDs, and we will continue to incorporate collateral calculation in bilateral.


Contact us and find out more about Satori by Comunytek.