MiFID II Plug’n Trade Certification

MiFID II Plug’n Trade Certification

Plug’n Trade overcomes the certification process of the new MiFID II functionalities for the SIBE cash market


Comunytek continues to progress according to its roadmap established in the adaptation of its trading platform, Plug’n Trade to be 100% MiFID II compliance with a new milestone recently achieved.

According to the notification of the “Market Access” department, after completing the Certification Process, Plug’n Trade has passed all the tests and manages correctly all the new MiFID II functionalities for the SIBE Cash Market via the FIX protocol.

From Business Development, we congratulate the entire development team, for the effort made during the execution of this successful Process of Certification and adaptation of Plug’n Trade.

Overcoming this milestone, together with certifications already passed in other markets such as Idem, OMX, Euronext (new protocol -optiq- and old), ICE Liffe, Meff or Fixed Income BME, puts Plug’n Trade one step closer to finalize the implementation of the required adaptations so that the complete platform is MiFID II Compliance.

Plug’n Trade is a multi-product trading system with direct access to the main markets in Europe, USA and Latin America, capable of managing smart orders and integrating with Excel in real-time and high-performance price distribution.

Plug’n Trade is designed to offer all native orders of compatible markets and orders synthesized by the platform itself, manage RFQs, cared orders, B2C and Market Making activity. You can also configure filters for automatic listing stop and sanity check of the prices created. In addition, market alerts and incident messages are supported.


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