Donation of Computers to School CEIP Cortes de Cádiz

Donation of Computers to School CEIP Cortes de Cádiz

Comunytek has always been characterized by keeping active a series of values ​​that have allowed it to be what it is today and maintain a great human team that supports it.

In a preferred position, among the list of values ​​that define the company, are solidarity, generosity and responsibility, to its customers, its employees and society.

Keeping in mind at all times these three pillars of the culture of Comunytek, during the months of March and April we have been working on a very special action that will benefit a significant number of students of the Cortes de Cádiz School of Primary and Secondary Education at Madrid.

Comunytek has made the CEIP Cortes de Cádiz donation of five computers that the school will allocate to equip the new classrooms that must open to meet the demand of students in the center.

Dª Mª Carmen Partida director of the school


These computers, which although they no longer meet the demanding requirements essential for a Software Engineer, will still have a long useful life in the classrooms of the school being part of the multimedia equipment that otherwise would have to be financed with the limited budget of the school and the contribution of the AMPA.

The director of the center Ms. Mª Carmen Partida, thanks the contribution made by Comunytek and encourages other companies to donate computers that for technology companies have already reached the end of their useful life.

From Comunytek, we are happy to have been able to collaborate with CEIP Cortes de Cádiz with such a simple action and with such a direct impact on the lives of our students.