Comunytek participates in the STAC conference about Low Latency in London

Comunytek has taken part in the STAC conference about Low Latency in London where the most relevant companies of the field have talked about the last technological tendencies in financial markets.

The topics that have been dealt have been the increasing interest in the BigData world, featuring Hadoop for unstructured data or the NoSqul databases based on ”Documents” like MongoDB. Also, the interest shown lately for the now HPC progresses like the parallelizable vector calculation using special processors as the Intel XeonPhi or calculation clusters with GPUs has improved.

Also, the last progresses regarding low latency issue have been discussed with presentations on the last Cisco switches for 40gb or the Solarflare network interface cards which are programmable, among others.

In the conference, it hasn’t been left out the importance of the complete monitoring in these systems, where specialists as Corvil has shown its opion on these issues and the solutions that may be taken.

The presence of Comunytek in this event ensures the company as one of the most up-to-date on state-of-the-art technologies in communication and low latency processes for financial markets.