Comunytek in Spartan Race Madrid 2017

Comunytek in Spartan Race Madrid 2017

On the 23th of April, BBVA’s Comunytek work team took part in the Spartan Race (a well known obstacle, endurance and mud race) held in Agustín de Guadalix. It was time to change projects for a little sport in the open air. It was a perfect sunny day for running, laughing and bonding with colleagues.

Donning shirts designed for the occasion, the team arranged themselves on the starting line ready to have a good time. Some of the team members even filmed the event with their own sport cameras, so they could later watch the runners’ “best moments”.

After starting the race and dodging some modern Spartans, the team tried to stay as a compact group during the race, as the idea was to try to help each other tackle the various trials. The first obstacles were easy, leading to optimism. We soon realised how mistaken we were, when the initial walls reappeared with almost double the height.

After finding out that the river Guadalix is quite chilly this time of year (one got literally soaked) the tougher trials began: carrying a sandbag, climbing up a rope, dragging loads, climbing walls, etc. There was even time for a memory test that put more than one in a tight spot.

On the last few hundred metres of the race it was time to get covered in mud from head to feet. The brand new shirts lost all their glamour then. Finally, the team crossed the finishing line, leaping over a small bonfire, earning the medal for the event.

After finishing the race and going through the washing area, as there was a lot of mud to get rid of, the day’s sport ended with a good meal to replenish one’s strength, certainly a well-earned one (followed by an after-lunch conversation to discuss the best moments of the race).

It was a great day in terms of sport and team spirit, and much fun was had by all despite having struggled so much, and there are already rumours of doing it again next year, when hopefully the muscles won’t be as stiff the following day.

We wish to express our great appreciation to each of the members of the team for their effort and hard work:

  • Alejandro Varela
  • Carlos Nebrera
  • Javier Falces
  • Juan Carlos Bonilla
  • Claudio Benito
  • Ángel Iglesias
  • Sergio Gorrochategui
  • Jose Luis David
  • Ángel Luis Pinazo
  • Guillermo García
  • Jorge Sánchez
  • Javier Quintana