Artificial Intelligence in Corporate and Investment Banking environment

Artificial Intelligence in Corporate and Investment Banking environment

The use of AI is already widespread in the financial sector, in Banking and FinTech industry. Nowadays it is a common practice, and Artificial Intelligence technologies are already used for fraud detection, helping in the regulatory landscape, legal documentation processing, product recommendations, trading systems and better customer experience.

However, given the vertiginous advance of the level of digitalization of the Financial Entities we are only facing a first wave that will soon become a “tsunami”.

As the level of digitization increases, the volume and quality of the data in the “data lakes” increases exponentially. The availability and access to these data, representative of customer behaviors, are the facilitators and accelerators for innovation in the application of AI in the industry.

IA, the following future

In many areas of the financial sector, the use of AI is becoming the new "standard".

Specific solutions have achieved enough impact, impossible to compete in certain areas without the use of these technologies.

find new use cases to achieve success in the implementation of these technologies, getting benefits from them

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