15 years working together

15 years working together

15 years working together

Comunytek 15 years working together

It’s 15 years since Comunytek Consultores was established in May 2002. 15 years since this adventure began with great enthusiasm, in which we have been able to have the privilege of working with wonderful people. 15 years working together.

The beginnings

Starting with a small and solid group of collaborators, with the accumulated experience after many years of profession and with great enthusiasm, one of the projects that in the future would be and continues to be a reference within the company, Plug’n Trade was started. Thanks to the effort and dedication of great professionals, nowadays, our Plug’n Trade trading platform continues to be a great product that has grown and matured over time.

Comunytek today

From then until today, in Comunytek we have achieved numerous successes and a few failures, which gave us the chance to lear and make us stronger, allowing all that Comunytek is currently a solid company, a benchmark in the Technology sector applied to the Financial Sector.

New products, new services, new customers, new colleagues, new challenges … in each step we have taken throughout this time, we have been constantly evolving, reinventing ourselves at every opportunity to always give the best of ourselves to our clients.

Thank you

For all the accumulated experiences and for all those that will come, we thank all of you who make Comunytek possible, we would not have arrived here without you.

To our colleagues, present and past, with your effort and dedication we have managed to overcome each of the challenges that have arisen, even those that seemed impossible. Each one of you is the Comunytek Family, thank you!

And to our customers, of course! Without your confidence and support, we would not have been able to get here. Helping you in our reason of being and being able to continue by your side is a privilege that fills us with pride.

After these 15 years, we feel stronger than ever, younger than ever, wiser than ever, more open than ever and as committed as ever.

We hope to continue counting on all of you in the next 15 years and in the following ones.

Grateful, privileged, always yours.


Comunytek Consultores