We are specialized in creating innovative products and advanced systems focused on equities market and wholesale market


We have wide experience both in electronic Trading and in Clearing, being able to provide our own products; Plug’n Trade and Plug’n Clear.


We use state-of-the-art technology (Cloud, DevOps, Blockchain, Big Data, Low Latency...) to improve our customers’ business processes.


We have an overview of our customers' issues, which comes from our knowledge of both technological and business aspects.


We are committed to our customers, and solving their potential problems is our top-of-the-list priority.


Comunytek is a training benchmark both at technology and functional levels. We collaborate with the Carlos III University of Madrid with the Master's Degree in Software for Financial Institutions.

Our advice comes straight from honesty, providing a quality service based on innovation and the expertise after more than 15 years of experience.

Plug’n Trade

Plug’n Trade is a Trading Multi Asset platform which offers connection to the main European and American Exchanges, offering multiple features: Market Making, B2C, pre-trading filters and compatibility with MiFID II…

Plug’n Clear

It is a Middle Office platform for exchange traded derivatives which allows to connect in real time to the main European and American CCP’S. It offers a whole Clearing functionality and MiFID II compatibility.

Satori by Comunytek

Satori by Comunytek is a tool aiming at providing solutions to a significant part of these new obligations, as well as helping to answer business queries arising of this new regulation


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Meet us

Comunytek is a consulting Company in Communication Technology founded in 2002 by a group of professionals with a wide experience in implementing advanced technologies in multidisciplinary environments. We aim at our customers’ satisfaction and our motto is Best Service Quality.

Our guarantee is the successful completion of hundreds of projects. We are convinced that technology is not an end but a mean to improve efficiency, competitiveness and the profitability of our Customers. A select group of professionals and a wide network of partners allow us to offer integral solutions with an absolute success guarantee.

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  • The use of AI is already widespread in the financial sector, in Banking and FinTech industry. Nowadays it is a common practice, and Artificial Intelligence technologies are already used for fraud detection, helping in the regulatory landscape, legal documentation processing, product recommendations, trading systems and......

  • Satori by Comunytek has been awarded for the best product in the Best Trading and Risk Management System for Post Trade category, in the TradingTech Awards Europe 2019. You can see it at https://a-teaminsight.com/awards/tradingtech-insight-awards-europe/ This represents an important recognition to efforts and good work of......

  • With an absolute full in the room, the first session of our internal Big Data training program began last November. Our colleague and super-crack Tino, presented the bases of our specialization course in Big Data technology in a theoretical session that was very well received.......

  • Blockchain is producing a revolution, at least media, in the world of technology that has transcended many sectors beyond that of information technologies. More and more groups of organizations are trying to find agreements and uses to this promising technology. However, not all sectors can......

  • Comunytek has always been characterized by keeping active a series of values ​​that have allowed it to be what it is today and maintain a great human team that supports it. In a preferred position, among the list of values ​​that define the company, are......

  • In any Blockchain, the greatest challenge is to get all the participants to agree on what has been done so that nobody can break the rules. In order to do so, the consensus protocols are used. In many of these protocols, transactions are added to......

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